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Parent Manual

(Revised July .2006)


Dear Parent/Guardian

 Welcome to the Ladysmith Preschool.  Our staff and Board of Directors (BOD) look forward to getting to know you and your child(ren).  This manual and agreement provides you with information on how you and your child may gain positive experiences from our organization.  It provides a foundation of information for staff and families who are beginning to work together, and is based on accepted practices and principles of early childhood education.  This agreement is necessary to protect the families and organization’s interest while outlining both parties’ responsibilities.  We have an “Open Door” policy at our preschool and we practice the Early Childhood Educators (E.C.E.) code of ethics, and respect the confidentiality of all parties involved in the program.  We look forward to working closely with you to provide the best quality care for your child.

 Ladysmith Preschool is run by an elected board of directors who administer the non-profit society, and by enrolling your child you automatically become a member of the Ladysmith Preschool Society.  As a member, your input is welcomed at our general parent meetings and annual general meeting, and these meetings offer you a valuable opportunity to find out what the school is doing and how you can contribute to the quality of the school.  Elections for the BOD position are at the annual general meeting held every April and the BOD and staff are committed to creating and maintaining cooperative, collaborative partnerships with families.

We are proud of our program, which offers a wide variety of activities for your child, and we feel our staff does a wonderful job of making the ‘at home’ to ‘group setting’ transition a smooth one!  We ask that you read through the following information and keep this manual for further reference and if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please bring them to the attention of the staff or BOD.



Ladysmith Preschool began in 1973 when a small group of parents got together to discuss the possibility of establishing a preschool facility in Ladysmith.  At that time the parents worked together to find a location, collect materials and hire qualified staff.  They sought community support and the encouragement and many other volunteers generously donated materials and money to make the school possible.     


Ladysmith Preschool continues to flourish today with hard work by the volunteer board, staff, contributions from the community and numerous fundraising projects.  Some of the fundraisers have been raffles, Regal orders and our biggest event is the bingo.  For casino funds the preschool must submit an application, but only if the application is successful do we then receive funding.  It is through this funding that we are able to purchase a variety of our supplies, equipment, and continue to upgrade the preschool to keep it a stimulating and comfortable place for your children.

Families may be asked to participate in various fundraising and work party activities for the Ladysmith Preschool society.  These activities make an important contribution to the centre’s operations therefore if possible any donation of your time is much appreciated.

 Please volunteer whenever and however you can, the more helping hands the better it is for your children!  


We are a society under the British Columbia Societies Act and as members we ask that you familiarize yourself with our constitution and by-laws posted on the Parent Board.   It is the right of all members to be able to look at the financial records of the preschool.  If a member chooses to do so please contact the treasurer or the supervisor to set up an appropriate time.  If a member wishes to read the staff policy and procedures manual please talk to the supervisor.

 The Society Act requires that a society have a board of directors.  Our BOD are nominated, appointed or elected from the general membership of the society and as they are volunteers, they are not paid for their activities.  The BOD sets the program’s direction and policies, and is required to supervise the management of the affairs of the society.  They are responsible for hiring the qualified staff that carries out the day-to-day operation of the program.  The BOD looks to the Supervisor as the liaison between the program and the board, as well as for guidance in all program related manners.


Our philosophy is that “Children learn through play”.

We believe that:

 -          Through play children learn appropriate risks and accept challenges while interacting with their environment in a safe manner.

-          Children are entitled to safe environments and opportunities that foster positive emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development and that value inclusion, respect, multiculturalism, individuality creativity, and dignity.

-          Parents/Guardians are entitled to be involved in a meaningful way in their families’ preschool experience and deserve reassurance of quality care for their children while they are involved in work commitments and/or personal fulfillment.

-          Ladysmith Preschool enhances the lives of children, their families and the community by providing a caring, supportive and vital service.  Children are our most precious resource because they will be the adults who will make up our society in the future.

-          Staff is entitled to a working environment which recognizes and respects their training, skills, education, and commitment to the community.


The preschool staff are responsible for providing a program which will focus on each child’s needs and development by including a variety of opportunities, stimulating experiences, and a safe, healthy environment.  The activity centres include creative play areas, blocks, dramatic play, book corner, manipulative play, cooking, sand, water, science, play dough, gross and fine motor skills. While the days are kept flexible, activities such as: circle and snack times are typically enjoyed as a large group, and other activities such as story time, music and movement are enjoyed in small groups. The children have opportunities to develop their language skills and to learn about establishing respectful social relationships, they will explore the outdoor playground on a daily basis (weather permitting), as well as short field trips in the neighbourhood, and walks.

-Please advice staff if your child has any allergies.


We will:

-Provide quality care for each child

-Model and encourage appropriate guiding and caring for each child and family

-Provide opportunities to increase the family’s knowledge of children’s health and development

-Support families in meeting their responsibilities to their children

-Effectively liaise and work with community agencies, individuals, and organizations that are essential to the well being of each child and family

-Increase the awareness and utilization of community resources as needed

 Our goals at Ladysmith Preschool are:

-To provide a safe, positive and fun learning environment for children ages 30 months to 5 years, with a range of developmentally appropriate and individual challenging activities

-To plan programs that promotes physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development.

-Develop trusting relationships between children and staff through positive, nurturing and consistent interactions that will see the child comfortably leave the parent/guardian who brings him/her to school.

-Provide educators who are generous and warm, can assume responsibility for setting limits, informed and resourceful, feel respect for the child and their families and provide a favourable environment.

-To offer children the freedom of choice in their selection of play materials and activities, while being within the limits of health, safety, and consideration of all children in the group.

-To provide an environment that supports and encourages independence and interaction in play.

-To encourage children to solve their own problems whenever possible.  Staff will help the children by the use of problem solving, positive guidance and redirection when required.

-To encourage the child in process skills, where the effort rather then the final product is stressed.

-To provide a program that encourages and respects the individual differences in young children.

-To work co-operatively with the parents in identifying and meeting their children’s needs.

-To encourage and see the child:

-Cooperate and manage within a group situation

-Develop self-confidence

-Have a positive self-esteem

-Communicate feelings with words

-Able to listen and follow directions

-Be responsible for their own actions

-Develop self-control

-Develop a sense of wonder and imagination

-Develop a love and appreciation of nature

-That children be happy and have fun



We have operation guidelines which are:     

 -     A preschool license

-          Class size maximum of 20 children

-          Children age 30 months to 5 years (children must be turning 3 the same year that they start)

-          Students must be toilet trained ( exceptions made at the discretion of the supervisor)

-          The program runs from September to June

-          Ladysmith Preschool works in conjunction with Supported Child Care in the event that a child with extra support needs wishes to enroll. 



All employees must meet the Ministry of Health requirements including criminal record checks, current first aid and medical information as well as job related education.  The qualifications of our staff exceed the minimum standards required by the “Child care Regulations Act” and employee qualifications are posted in the facility. We encourage all parents/guardians to direct questions regarding staff qualifications to the individual.

  For all sessions, the teaching qualifications will be two Early Childhood Educators and enrolment permitting, one teacher’s assistant. 

 The teachers are responsible for the planning of the program, overseeing the running of the program, ensuring the centre meets all licensing requirements, ongoing registration, and shall be part of the hiring committee.  Ladysmith Preschool is committed to staff development and policies are in place that encourage and promote continuing professional development.


From time to time, the preschool will participate in accepting University Early Childhood Care and Education students, students from Ladysmith High School on work experience, and volunteers.  Information will be given out prior to their arrival.  All students and volunteers are never left unsupervised with the children.  All have completed a criminal records search prior to starting in accordance with Child Care Licensing Regulations


For sharing information about the Ladysmith Preschool we have a parent board. There is a monthly newsletter that will be distributed to you via your child’s cubby/art folder, and along with ongoing daily communication between parent and staff there is a parent/staff communication book located beside the sign-in sheet and is available to share specific information regarding your child’s day.  Arrival time is often busy and the communication book serves as an effective tool for sharing important information effectively.


All students, volunteers, board members and staff are required to sign a “Confidentiality Form” when they start. Children’s files will only be viewed by staff and Community Care Licensing staff to ensure they meet licensing requirements.


Evaluations on children will only be done upon request from the parent.


Ladysmith Preschool supports an “Open Door Policy.”  Parents are welcome to drop in and observe the program at any time.  If consultation with staff is desired, please let us know so that a time can be set up after a class session so undivided attention may be given.  We strongly feel that parents/guardians and educators need to work as a team to provide the best quality care for your child(ren). 


The preschool programs are offered Monday to Friday, from September to June (10 month program).  Program session times are:

            Monday/Wednesday AM   9:00 to 11:30 AM

            Tuesday/Thursday AM      9:00 to 11:30 AM

            Tuesday/Thursday PM       12:30 to 3:00 PM

            Friday AM                         9:00 to 11:30 AM

Families may enroll in either the morning or afternoon and in either a 1, 2 or 3 day a week program.

-          Please note the Friday AM class is available as a 1 day class or as a 3rd day class only.

-          The preschool is open when other schools have their Professional Development days.


The Preschool will be closed for all statutory holidays, winter and Spring break included. We are not closed on Public Schools Pro-D days or Curriculum Planning Days.

 In the case of fire, extended power or heat failure, extreme weather conditions or an evacuation due to the safety of the facility, the preschool may have to close.  The staff will care for children until families/emergency
contact(s) have picked them up.  Evacuation Procedures as posted will be followed.

 -In extreme weather (i.e. snow) we follow all Nanaimo/Ladysmith school district #68 emergency closures. Listen to the local radio station for notice.  If the public schools are closed, the preschool is closed. 


As required by Community Care Facilities Licensing Regulations and Ladysmith Preschool: The preschool centre and its fenced grounds are non-smoking areas.
It is our policy that there will be no smoking by anyone at the playground while school is in session or on field trips


During the year we have many goals we would like to reach with the children.  Our goal for September is to make the transition from home to preschool a smooth one and want all children to feel secure, comfortable and begin to build a trusting relationship with the staff.  All children are unique so not all separation problems can be dealt with in the same way, but we will work closely with families to help everyone achieve a smooth and happy transition.

Prior to September, the preschool staff will discuss a timetable for gradual entry.  For children who require additional supports, we will involve the family and the Supported Child Care Consultant in the gradual entry plan. Steps for a gradual entry plan, when a child is moving from one program to another within Ladysmith Preschool, will be developed based on the needs of the family and the availability of space in the program. 


When you arrive to drop off your child, you are responsible for your child until he/she has been signed into the preschool. It is important to sign your child in on the attendance sheet.  Let your child know that you will be leaving once they feel comfortable and have chosen an activity to get started with and always reassure them that you will be back to pick them up when school is over.  We recommend that you never leave your child without saying goodbye. 

At pick up time please sign out your child on the attendance sheet located outside with the art box, and if you wish please take the opportunity to speak to a staff member on how your child’s day went.  Pick up will be at the preschool -children will not be released from the playground.  Parents are encouraged to wait at the school.  Please note that the person picking up the child is responsible for the child after he/she has been dismissed from staff care. 

- Always ensure that staff is aware that you are leaving with your child. 

- Please no early arrivals; staff needs this time to prepare the program.

We also recommend that parents bring their children to the preschool for a visit before the actual starting day; the open house in May is an excellent opportunity for this.  The date will be advertised in the Ladysmith Chronicle, as well as on the preschool answering machine once a date has been decided on.


Your child and staff depend on your prompt arrival.  There will be a late pick-up fee implemented of $5.00 for the 1st 10 minutes then $5.00 for every 5 minutes after that.

 If you have not picked up your child or called the preschool after 10 minutes, a staff person will contact alternative person/s from the authorized pick up list to pick up your child.  If that person is unavailable and you have not contacted the preschool after half an hour we are required to notify Emergency Services of the Ministry for Children and Family Development.


If an unauthorized person (defined as a person not on the pickup list and/or prearranged in writing) arrives to pick up your child, the child will remain under the supervision of the preschool staff.  The supervisor will explain the policy that written authorization from the enrolling parent/guardian is required to release a child.  If difficulties arise, all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure the safety of the child, other children, and the staff.  If necessary, a staff person may need to call the police for assistance.

-Please make sure you name all persons who will be picking up your child, or let the staff know in writing of any changes in pick up routine.


If parents live separately, Ladysmith Preschool expects that the information provided by the enrolling parent is accurate.  If a family has a custody agreement or court order, a copy must be provided and placed in the child’s file.  Without custody agreement or court order on file at the preschool, staff cannot deny access to the non-enrolling parent.  If one of the parents is not authorized, the policy on unauthorized persons will be followed.  Please immediately notify staff in writing of any changes.


Please inform staff if you have made arrangements for an authorized person other than yourself to pick up your child.  All emergency pick up people must be written on the registration form.  The person will be asked to show photo identification to the preschool staff and be expected to sign out your child. 


We cannot withhold your child from you if you are under the influence of alcohol or other substances.  However, as advocates for children and their safety, should we find ourselves in that position we will either:

a)      Call the other parent/guardian and request them to pick up the child: or

b)      Contact the emergency person on the child’s registration form to pick him/her up: or

c)      Release the child to the parent/guardian and immediately contact the police:

d)      Fill out an incident report and forward it to the Licensing Officer.


The Child, Family and Community Services Act state that all children in the province of BC “are entitled to be protected from abuse, neglect, and harm or threat of harm”.  The Act states that any “person who has reason to believe that a child needs protection must promptly report the matter” to the Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD).  If you have any questions, or would like more information, we invite you to talk to the supervisor.


The Child, Family and Community Services Act defines when a child is in need of protection.  If and when a Social Worker from the MCFD intends to apprehend a child at the preschool, the preschool supervisor is responsible for responding to the situation.  Prior to the child being removed, the preschool staff will verify with the MCFD supervisor that the social worker is authorized to apprehend the child.  It is the responsibility of the MCFD to make reasonable efforts to notify the family of the apprehension.


As the children participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor play activities each day, it is helpful if your child wears washable, labelled, and comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather and our ”hands-on” environment.  Paint shirts are provided, but there is no guarantee that paint will not get on clothing. 

Please send a pair of rubber soled slippers or shoes (prefer Velcro) with your child’s name clearly marked on them, that may be left at school for the duration of the preschool year. 

In accordance with Licensing Regulations, outdoor activities are scheduled every day, weather permitting.  Please send your child (ren) in appropriate clothing for the existing weather conditions, hats, gloves, mittens, snow pants, jackets for the winter also cool clothing and a sun hat for the summer.  Parents are also advised to apply a sunscreen to their child (ren) before sending them to school.   

We have spare clothes in case of accidents.  If you chose to send spares, please ensure they are labelled.



Through out the year field trips will be planned any parents and volunteers are encouraged to accompany the group.  Children’s emergency information will be taken on all field trips, as well as a portable First Aid Kit and cellular phone.  It is our policy that when a field trip requires driving, parents are responsible for driving their child(ren) to the destination, staying with them and driving them back.  If this is not possible it will then be the parent’s responsibility to arrange to carpool with another parent in the class.  Advance notice will be given to inform everyone when field trips will be planned and whether or not it will require driving.  We really appreciate all of the parent participation on our field trips, without it they would not be possible.

Please remember our no smoking on field trips policy.



Staff will acknowledge each child’s birthday in a special way.  If the child wishes, a birthday cape and crown is part of the program.  You may send cupcakes, or something for sharing if you choose.

Seasonal holidays are also acknowledged and implemented into our program planning and parents are sometimes asked to provide a special snack for sharing on celebrations days.

- Please notify the supervisor if you prefer that your child does not partake in the sharing of any party food items.  Staff will be aware of this, and may be able to collaborate with the parent and come up with another alternative to suit their family needs.


PLEASE LEAVE TOYS AT HOME. Bringing toys from home to the group setting causes problems because they can get misplaced, are more difficult to share, can promote inappropriate play and disrupt the program. 
- Guns or war related play is not permitted.


The waitlist will be filled according to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. except in the case of someone wanting 3 days/week. Priority will be given to those children.



9:00am to 10:00am

12:30pm to 1:30 pm        


 10:00 am to 10:10am

 1:30pm to 1:40pm          


   10:10am to 10:30am

  1:40pm to 2:00 pm          


  10:30 am to 10:45am

  2:00 pm to 2:15pm          


            10:45 to 11:00 a.m.       

            2:15 to 2:30 pm


            11:00am to 11:30am

            2:30 pm to 3:00pm          


Each child will be encouraged and supported to develop positive relationships and learn social skills.  Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy learning and living environment in which each child can feel secure.  Staff follow the guidance techniques based on the British Columbia Ministry of Health Services booklet  “Guiding Children’s Behaviour”, a copy is available in our office for you to view. 

 Families can expect the staff to:

-Model appropriate, respectful behaviour at all times

-Promote the development of positive social skills including self-esteem and self-control

-Encourage children to understand and follow simple rules

-Supervise the children at all times

 Staff will strive to:

-Establish clear, consistent and simple expectations

-Offer straightforward explanations for limits

-State limits in a positive way, rather than in a negative way

-Focus on the behaviour, rather than on the child

-State what is expected rather then pose questions

-Reinforce appropriate behaviour with both words and gestures

-Allow time for children to respond to expectations

-Acknowledge children’s feelings

-Provide choices that are developmentally appropriate

-Demonstrate respectful affection and caring to each child

-Give verbal direction and redirection as the main way of guiding children

-Ignore minor incidents as long as children’s activities are not infringing on the rights of others

 We are committed to working with families and to enhancing knowledge of child development and approaches to child-rearing practices.


Our preschool has been carefully designed to ensure it is a safe, comfortable environment that will accommodate the abilities of all of the children.  Children wash their hands before eating, cooking activities, and after using the toilet.  Our goal is to promote good health, safety, and nutrition by providing the children with a clean, well-maintained, safe environment. 



Biting is a common occurrence in child care facilities but generally the bites do not break the skin.  When they do break the skin, there can be serious consequences if the bite is not dealt with in an appropriate manner.  The preschool may not know if a child in our care has a communicable disease, and if a bite breaks the skin and the biter has an open wound or blood in their mouth, there is a chance of exposure.  This risk needs to be assessed by the Communicable Disease Public Health Nurses, or the Emergency Department at the local hospital, within two (2) hours.

The Child Care Licensing Regulation Section 19 requires that parents be immediately notified if their child is injured, this includes bites.  The parent can then make the decision to take the child to a physician for assessment.  The risks for exposure may be low, but they are still there, staff will take appropriate action.  All bites from children 36 months and over that require medical treatment will be reported to Licensing.   With younger children, parents must and will be informed and if it is an ongoing issue a report will be made to the preschool licensing officer. 



Eating nutritious food is an important part of each child’s day.  You will be required to send a small nutritious snack with your child (one or two healthy items of fruits and vegetables and a water).  There is a limited amount of time for the children to eat, so a large variety of foods will be inappropriate.  Please send their snacks in a lunch box or backpack clearly marked with your child’s name on it.

-Please do not send Pop, Candy, Gum or other junk food.  It is important for the children to have proper nutrition in order for them to fully participate in the program.  Sugar only provides immediate stimulation that does not last them for the remaining play time.

-Please do not send peanuts as children can easily choke on them.

If a child has arrived without a snack the preschool will provide a nutritious snack.

Please inform staff of any food restrictions/allergies/ dietary needs that your child may have.



Each child will be assisted whenever necessary with toileting.  Staff will involve the child by encouraging him/her to help out as much as possible.

Staff will:

-Wash their hands and encourage/assist children to wash their hands

-Be patient, supportive, and understanding during this learning process

-Be respectful of the child’s needs



As immunizations are one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of communicable diseases, we recommend that all families have their child’s immunizations brought up-to-date prior to starting at the preschool.  Please bring in your child’s immunization record to be photocopied and left in your child’s file.  Ladysmith Preschool does not refuse entry based on immunization.


-The Ministry of Health Incident Report will be completed within 24 hours of any serious injury/incident.

-The facility is equipped with a complete first aid kit that meets the requirements from licensing.

-A cellular phone is taken on all excursions

-Please keep the staff up to date; all information on your child must be kept current; please let us know immediately of any changes.  Emergency Information cards are kept in the first aid bag.

-Let staff know of any event or change of routine that could affect your child in any way.


While we are sensitive to the stress that illness may cause for families, we are not licensed to care for children when they are ill.  You will need to keep your child at home, or make alternate arrangements, if your child:

 -Has a communicable disease.

-Has a contagious infection, including pink eye.

-Has a fever over 37 degrees Celsius, accompanied by general symptoms such as listlessness or sluggishness, may be an early sign of an illness that requires a doctor’s attention.

-Is vomiting or has nausea;

-Headache, or stiff neck;

-Diarrhea or loose stool, may or may not be combined with nausea, vomiting or stomach cramps.  These symptoms may indicate a bacterial or viral gastrointestinal infection which is very easily passed from one child to another via fecal-oral route.  This child should be kept at home until all symptoms have stopped.

-Abdominal cramps.

-Has a skin infection, an undiagnosed rash, infected eyes, or severe itching of body and scalp.

-Is not well enough to participate in all activities including outdoor play.

-Any complaints of unexplained or undiagnosed pain.

-An acute cold with fever, runny nose and eyes, cough and sore throat.

-Difficulty breathing



-Persistent cough.

-Sore throat or trouble swallowing.

- mucous discharge from nose could be a sinus infection and requires doctor attention


Please note this is to protect your child, the staff and other families attending the preschool.

Licensing regulations require Ladysmith Preschool parents to inform the preschool within 24 hours of a diagnosis if your child has a communicable or contagious disease so that other families and the Community Health Department can be notified.

 If your child becomes ill during the program, we will attempt to contact you.  If you are unavailable, we will try to reach your emergency contact(s).  We will provide a quiet, resting area with close staff supervision until you, or your emergency contact(s), can pick up your child.  If the situation becomes urgent, we will follow the emergency procedure outlined below.

It will be the staff’s decision whether to allow attendance of a child who has previously been absent due to illness and upon arrival still appears infectious.

Ultimately, the care of a child who is ill is the parent’s responsibility.


If your child is injured or becomes ill while at the preschool, staff will quickly assess the situation to decide what action/attention is required.  Outlined below are three procedures that may be followed:

1.)    If First Aid Treatment is required, staff will:

-Provide first aid treatment

-Acknowledge child’s feelings’

-Provide close supervision to ensure child does not require further first aid or medical attention

-Inform the family when they come to pick up the child

-Complete the Incident Report and process


2.)    If Medical attention is required, staff will:

-Contact family/guardian, then emergency contact(s) if the family/guardian is not available

-Contact the child’s doctor if the family/contacts cannot be reached

-If a child’s doctor is not available. Proceed as if it is an emergency medical situation

-Take child to medical facility via ambulance

-Accompany the child or family to the medical facility with the medical information

-Provide information to the doctor and family/contact

-Support the child and the family/contact person

-Complete the Incident Report and process

3.)    If emergency Medical attention is required, staff will:

-Call and request ambulance

-Administer First Aid until ambulance attendants arrive

-Contact family/emergency contact(s) to meet staff at the emergency facility

-Access medical information as above

-Accompany child to medical as above

-Provide child to medical facility

-Support information to the doctor and family/contact

-Complete the Incident Report and process



If you would like the preschool staff to administer prescription or non-prescription medication to your child, the Child Care Licensing Regulation requires that we have certain information and follow certain procedures.  We require that the medication be provided in the original container and a Medical Consent/permission form be completed with instructions on administering the medication.  All medications will be stored in a locked cabinet.  If you plan to give prescription or non-prescription medication to your child at the preschool during the program, please ensure that it is handed to the staff and that you have signed the consent/permission form.  All medication must be stored in a cupboard that children can not access.


As safety is an ongoing part of the preschool program, fire drill/evacuation procedures, are practised as posted in the preschool on a monthly base.  Children meet at a pre-arranged spot outside and are counted using the attendance sheet.  Staff check the centre to ensure all children have left the building.  The First Aid bag and child’s emergency cards are taken.

-Please note it is our goal during fire drills to get out as quickly and as safely as we can, we do not have any time for the children to change into their outdoor shoes.  It is very important children’s indoor shoes have a rubber sole that will keep their feet dry during these practices.

Ladysmith Preschool has an emergency kiosk.  We have water, non-perishable food and other items in the event of a state of emergency from a disaster.


As part of the program photographs may be taken of the children in various activities of the preschool.  Ladysmith Preschool must have all parents’ signatures of approval that it is okay for their child to be photographed and have pictures displayed.

A photographer “may” be scheduled during the year to take group photos of the children.  Information will be sent home ahead of time to inform the families. Parents are not obligated to partake or purchase any pictures.




Parents please keep staff aware of your child’s absences due to health or other reasons.  If the child has missed more than three classes and the staff has not been informed, it is our policy to make contact with the parents.  Please be aware that in the event that a child is away due to illness or other reasons you are still required to pay the full month’s fee. 


Parking at arrival times may be at the front of the preschool on High street or at the side of the preschool on Third Avenue.  Please do not block the driving access, located on High Street or the Minister’s reserved parking spot that is at the side of the preschool on Third Avenue. 

-Please do not walk on the lawn that is between the playground fence and the house next door.  The house is privately owned and the lawn is their property.  Please enter and leave the preschool via the gate on Third Avenue


If you have a concern that cannot be handled by the staff members present, we ask that you arrange with the supervisor for an appointment to discuss your concerns with the president of the Ladysmith Preschool Society Board of Directors.



Families are encouraged to discuss questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the preschool program with the staff.  If an issue arises, the goal is to resolve differences of opinion and conflict in a peaceful way and find solutions that everyone can accept.  These steps will be followed:

Step 1.   The enrolling parent/guardian and Preschool staff will meet to define the issues and state     their point of view.

Step 2.   Solutions and/or appropriate resources will be identified, whenever appropriate.

Step 3.   A plan will be agreed upon by the enrolling parent/guardian and the supervisor.

Step 4.   If all parties cannot agree upon a plan, other arrangements may be required such as involving one appointed Board Director.


Ladysmith Preschool staff is committed to providing a caring and supportive environment for all children and families.  However, termination of services may be initiated by the preschool if:

-Fees for service are not paid according to the financial policies of this handbook/agreement and suitable arrangements cannot be agreed upon.

-Family does not abide by expectations in preschool agreement and successful resolution of the difference is not achieved.

-A family member harasses, threatens, abuses, or commits a violent act towards a staff, a child, or another family involved in the program.

-The preschool is unable to resolve problems of a family who regularly is late to pick-up their child(ren). (See late pickup section)

-The child’s behaviour is severely disruptive or physically threatening to the well-being and safety of other children or staff and additional supports to accommodate the child are unavailable.

-The child is developmentally not ready for the program and is being advised by staff to withdraw until a further date.

- Termination of services is a last resort measure.  Before the preschool determines they cannot continue to provide services to the child, steps will be taken to accommodate the child’s needs.  Such steps include:

-Working with the family to identify other more suitable programs and resources.

-Consulting with professional support resources such as a Consultant from the Supported Child Care Service.

-Requesting increased staffing through the Supported Child Care Service and the MCFD.

-Referring to appropriate services for staff training or intervention with the child and/or family.

-In the event that termination of service is required, Ladysmith Preschool will support the family to access other programs and resources. 

-If the preschool plans to terminate service for any of the above reasons, written notice will be given to the enrolling parent/guardian by Ladysmith Preschool and the one-month’s written notice by parents or one month’s fee will not be required. 

-If the parent/guardian initiates termination of services, written notification of one month written notice on the first day of the month, in advance or one month’s fees shall be paid in lieu of notice is required.


 PROGRAM FEES: Fees are on a monthly basis, regardless of closures for statutory holiday, winter or spring break. Please be aware that in the event that a child is away due to illness or other reasons you are still required to pay the full month’s fee.  Space cannot be held if your child is absent from the centre (such as vacation, sickness etc.) unless the fee is paid for the entire month.

Program fees are primarily utilized for staff compensation and program costs.


1 day a week (Friday AM) ----------------------------$60.00 per month

2 days a week (Monday/Wednesday AM) -----------$100.00 per month 

2 days a week (Tuesday/Thursday AM)--------------$100.00 per month

2 days a week  (Tuesday/Thursday PM) -------------$100.00 per month

3 days a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) --------$140.00 per month

3 days a week (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday)-----------$140.00 per month




There will be no refund in the event that the school has an unexpected closure.  (i.e. snow, power failure)  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to give one month written notice on the first day of the month for withdrawal to the supervisor or administrator.  If, the preschool does not receive this notice and we hold the child’s space in the class, the full cost of the months’ program fees will not be refunded. 

Refunds are given if plans for termination are from the advice of staff as per termination of services section.



An annual registration fee of $35.00 is required to guarantee your spot and help defray insurance and administration costs.  Such fees are non-refundable.


10 Post-dated cheques for fee payments, are required with the registration of a child in  the program, so that the administration of fee collection may run smoothly. Cheques must be received by the end of the first week in classes.  Cheques are payable to “Ladysmith Preschool” and must be dated for the first of each month.  For the security of parents/guardians, employees and the organization, we discourage cash payments for fees unless an exception has been made by the administrator.  Cheques are cashed on the administrator’s first working day of the month, which is often after the first of the month.  Receipts will be issued for tax purposes in December and June. 

-There will be a $15.00 charge on all N.S.F. cheques.

-Problems regarding payments can be taken to the administrator or Supervisor. 


Ten post-dated cheques must be on file by the end of the first week of classes.


Fees are due on the first of the month.  If fees are not paid, or a cheque returns NSF, the administrator shall on her next working day give the parent a phone call stating the fact that fees are overdue and what the exact amount owing is. (Including the NSF charge if applicable.)  If the amount in full goes unpaid by the request date by verbal agreement the parent will be given a reminder notice stating another date for payment. If amount still goes unpaid by the due date then the child will be refused entry (date of refusal will be stated on the letter).

  • Phone call stating date for payment
  • Reminder letter stating that payment is needed or child will be
  • Refused entry on next class.

 If a parent withdraws from the school with fees outstanding and does not pay the debt, the preschool’s policy will be to engage the services of a collection agency.

 Any letters from the administrator will be placed in the child’s cubby or art folder. Parents are responsible for picking up the letters, or ensuring that whoever drops off the child does.

 If a family has applied for subsidy and the family’s assessed contribution is not known at the time the child starts the program, the parent will be required to pay an estimated contribution.  This amount has been set by the preschool as 50% of the child’s regular monthly fee.  Once the subsidy information is received, the parent’s portion will be adjusted to correct any over/underpayment. 


Subsidies are available through the Ministry of Children and Family Development.  Please contact them at 1-866-866-0800 or visit so they can consider your eligibility.  The ministry requires our Facility License Number before subsidy will be issued.  If you receive subsidy from the Ministry, and you have a “Parent Portion” that the Ministry does not cover, you are required to pay through post-dated cheques.  Please remember to re-apply for you subsidy one month before its due date.  The renewal process can take time so your cooperation is appreciated.  If a lapse in subsidy occurs, parents will be held responsible for the full monthly fee.


Once again a warm welcome to everyone.  We look forward to the friendships and fun we will gain as we learn and grow together!


The registration form must be completed and returned before the first day of school or your child’s attendance will not be permitted.  This is a requirement under the Community Care Facility Act and the government requires that refusal of entry must be done unless the form is completed.  Therefore, please ensure the care card number is on the form and bring in your child’s immunization records to be photocopied and left on file!